1. Oh my ,Jill. This reminds me of college years when I worked as a mother’s helper. Bobby at the Terrible Twos in one day got under the kitchen sink and almost poisoned himself, got in driveway sealer, and tormented the family dog enough to goad him into biting Bobby. Either I or his mother had to have an eye on him at all times. Oh, another trick–we had to push his crib into the far corner of his room because in the morning he would wake up and start bouncing it. Only stopped when he could reach the door knob, open the door and call for me to rescue him so we could eat cereal together. Hang in there and maybe try to grow another arm!

  2. Your little one is growing fast. She must keep you very busy. (I came to visit your Fun Monday post, but you have moved on…well it is Thursday.)

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