Doctors, doctors and more doctors

Matthew will get his eyes checked on the 15th, probably getting a new pair of specs (hey Keeley has destroyed what was left of his very old ones, note to Matthew, get SUPER flexible frames, mk?) and some contacts, then on Monday an internal interturtalist or whatever will poke at my belly and decide if I have a hernia, or more likely, will say, you need some SUPER expensive tests…and then Wednesday I get to get my crown put on. Superlicious! Then we get to go back the next week for dental cleanings. Spectacular! If we’d waited any longer for those, or tried to get afternoon appointments, it wouldn’t have been until October. Note to self, go ahead and schedule the next 2 sets of appointments, if their calendar system will allow, for p.m. times. Sheesh!

Of course, what I am looking forward to the least is the doctor poking the belly.  This could mean surgery. It could mean another emergency surgery, for all I know. It could mean nothing. Some surgeries require 6 weeks of recovery and no heavy lifting. Wonder how a 20 lb not quite toddler fits into ‘no heavy lifting’ when you have to nurse every 2 hours? Cripes. There of course is the possibility of putting it off (I mean it’s already been, like, what 6 months that I’ve ignored it, how bad could a few more be?) until she’s done nursing, so it would only be in and out of the crib and high chair, or wait until Matthew is on vacation (which would mean being laid up over the holiday)…but, you know.. whatever. By now I know the deal. Don’t lift, don’t do… anything. Be pissy because you can’t do anything. Blog about it…

Meanwhile. I will wait and stew.. How exactly do you stew in your own juices?

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