Surprise, surprise

The other contractor wants a go at bidding out the house, too. He wants a week to check on it. A week, are you serious? Come on dude, stop wasting our time. You know how much things cost, if you’ve been doing it for that long, draw something up and be done with it.

Once we wait for his slowness to get done, THEN the guy at DH will be on vacation for a week, putting us back 2 ADDITIONAL weeks from ordering a house. Which we have to drive to Burlington to do.  There goes August. Which pretty much ensures we won’t be in a house by Christmas, and will most likely be homeless for several months.

I just want everything to get a move on. I don’t want to hurry time away, every minute is precious, but I’m sick of living in an apartment, I’m sick of hurrying every single time the baby cries (I often hurt myself, badly, that way), so that she doesn’t wake up anyone else in the building, I’m sick of everyone else waking her up and not being the slightest bit apologetic about it. I’m just plain sick of it all.

Where can I express my frustration? Well, here is about the only place. My husband doesn’t want to hear it. He expects me to be patient, because he is. He seems us moving forward. I see us stuck in a big rut not going anywhere. The longer these people take, the higher the interest rate goes. When we started this, it was below 5%. Last time I looked it was nearing 5.5%, that’s a big difference in a monthly payment, people. We’re going to have to start cutting things (like a garage) if they don’t get a move on.


  1. Interest rates have been bumping up and down a bit. When we locked on the rate for our refi last week, it was 5.25. Yesterday, 5.00.

    Piss me off!

    I don’t blame you for being impatient.
    But I have no advise about it either.

  2. If you get pre-approved for a loan you can sometimes get locked into a set rate. You may have already done that, but getting pre-approved is a big step and will make you feel like you’re at least “doing something” while you wait. Hope that helps.

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