No jinxies, okay?

Friday we traveled up to Iowa to a place called Design Homes. They will allow you to create your own floor plan, and as long as it passes code, you can have a custom house for about $10/less per square foot than a stick built house. Yup, it’s one of those brought in on semis. With a crane. It IS stick built, they just do it in the climate controlled factory, sharing supplies with other houses (buy in bulk, right?)  and saves you from the weather outside. Time frame? 4 months, unless our state is a total jackanapes like the guy says and takes longer to do the paperwork. That would mean Christmastime. In a new house.

Why am I telling you this? Why? Because we put in an offer on some land and it was accepted. SHHH! For the love of God be quiet! Don’t jinx us. We had to get a plan ‘approved’ by the banker, basically it has to appraise for more than the house is worth (which it should, as we got what we felt was a good price on the land-did I mention it already has a building for the junk toys we already have?

Sigh. Anyway if our groundwork and house and building and land all appraise for enough, the banker will give the okay and we’ll be all set. Then we have to hope the contractor gets a move on and pray that the state gets stuff done ASAP and doesn’t back us up any further into winter. Will we get in before baby’s first birthday, no. Probably not. Thanksgiving? Maybe. Christmas, most likely. Wouldn’t that be great? We wouldn’t have a garage by winter, though, so we’d have to hash out a winter of ‘little’ snow without a garage. But we would have a place to call our own. Finally.

So what do we call it?

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