Dumbing down the gender

No, this is not a commentary on gender, but on those ‘blank’ forms you fill in to say, participate in a survey or get a coupon. Twice recently I have filled one out, hit ‘F’ for female on my keyboard, only to be denied. (You know if you just hit TAB on those forms, you go from one blank to another without having to use your mouse, then you can also use your keyboard, for instance if you live in IL, most of the time if you hit ‘I’ twice, Illinois will pop up on your screen and you can tab to the next blank)…Anyway, why no ‘F’??

Idiots were using ‘guy’ and ‘girl’, WHAT?!? Since when is ‘guy’ and ‘girl’ a GENDER? The next time I run across one, I WILL be sending a nasty email to their computer-illiterate computer people to explain to THEM about filling out forms, and how gender is male and female and not guy/girl.. cripes. What next? ‘I’m not sure’, ‘I’m thinking of changing my mind’ –while those might be valid options for some, they don’t belong on a standardized form. I REFUSE for the next generation of slackers to screw up something as simple as GENDER on a form.

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