Half a peach

How do you eat the bottom half of a peach? Hmm, apparently the peaches had ripened from the bottom up (makes sense as they were on the tree until that morning).. anyway, some of the fruit was salvageable, but not enough for anything ‘big’, so we fed some to all 3 of us, and put the rest out in the trash. Does it suck, yes, am I going to complain about it ever again, no… but the part that was ripe was pretty tasty!


  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Take a knife and go around the entire peach, at the place you want to start eating. Then slice the part you want to eat, while still on the peach. Then gently pry off the slices. I discovered that if I gently tugged off slices from the pit, then not as much of the pit stayed attached as when I pull the pit off the peach. I hate that part and always have to cut it off, but I didn’t even have to cut that off half of my slices. So I was happy. Now, back to my banana bread. Or muffins, I should say, because the kids won’t touch the bread but devour it in muffin form.

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