Double suck

At freezing peaches. My husband had me convinced, even though the peaches didn’t look or smell ripe like the ones in the grocery store, he went and LOOKED IT UP! Of course he did. The ones we have are fine for making into pie. I scalded half of them. It didnt work so I tried again. It still didn’t work, and I have an idea why, I cut into one and they’re white on the inside, make that white and green. Aren’t peaches supposed to be, I don’t know, PEACH.

What a waste of time and money. And of course it leaves me feeling like a big, fat, hairy jackass because I didn’t trust my own instincts. So now Keeley will be up in probably about 2 minutes, I have a sinkful of green, scalded peaches that are good for absolutely nothing, and I, the only one who did NOT sleep all night, did not get a nap either.

Sometimes I wonder why I even try. Nothing ever seems to turn out. Anyone want some waterlogged, half scalded green peaches?


  1. You need to build a small, unobtrusive catapult. Save the peaches. Put them in the freezer.

    Next week, when that stupid woman shows up to mow the lawn, I am willing to bet that inspiration will strike.

    If not, email me.

    I have a great idea.

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I’m a tad bit confused. You were going to do what to the peaches? Peel and freeze them?

    All I know is that when you buy peaches, they’re usually not ripe. You put them in a brown paper bag for a few days, and then they’re soft enough to use. Worked great with Mark’s peach pie last week. Even when I made his pie the first time and the peaches weren’t ripe enough – my MIL didn’t tell me about the bag until after the pie turned out crunchy like apples, and I had only ever eaten peaches that “grew in the can” – they were still peach colored. I would really wonder about the green peaches. Will you be going where you got them any time soon? I would take them back to them and say hey, this isn’t right. See what happens. Make a stink. Get peaches that are peachy.

  3. I would have taken them and lined them on towels and covered them (single file – not touching) until they ripened.
    Do you have any table top somewhere to do that.

    Another method is brown sacks. But I don’t want them touching each other in case one gets moldy.

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