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Because of the Fun Monday post, I neglected to talk about our movie outing! It involved an hour and a half drive (had to go get the playpen from mom and dad’s), a short visit with them, a short visit (with pizza included) with the in-laws, coaxing the baby into half sleep into the playpen, and sneaking out with Matthew and the lil sis-in-law to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. This is the sixth movie, about the sixth book (Book 7 reportedly will be broken up into 2 movies, premiering in 2010 and 2011) in the series.

I will try and be good, but if you haven’t seen it yet and plan to, please stop reading.. NOW! Okay.. good, scroll down to keep reading..

The movie was good, theatrically, very good. Quite a few things in there (the house burning scene, the Harry being pulled under scene,  the whole chase through the cornfield scene, Lav lav and Won won) seemed pointless and verbose (if a film can be verbose), whereas items that SHOULD have happened, such as important items about the memories, the fight at Hogwarts, the whole POINT of the horcruxes being talismans for Moldy Voldy, Snape being an evil git to Harry, nonverbal spells,  were just avoided altogether. It also appeared more than once that Hermy was doing spellwork without a wand. Shame shame. Anyway, we had a good time from the time we were in the parking lot – zooming around and pissing off the SJville cop, laughing at the dude in the theater reading his book waiting for the show to start, to the end where we had to change a poopy baby and ride home with that in the car. Phew! Anyway, that was the FIRST time I had been away from Keeley for more than an hour. It was great. Did I miss her, well, maybe a teeny bit. Not enough to call and check on her, mind you. Do people really do that anyway? She was in good hands, and sleeping…only on the 5 minute drive home did we wonder if maybe she had woken up and been screaming the whole time??? She was a good baby for them, though…Special thanks to all the grandparents for their part in making this a nice night.

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  1. I saw HP last week with Beccy and the grandchildren. I enjoyed it but…….!!! I think it’s because they are growing up and I do wonder about the appeal to younger children (my youngest grandson seemed to enjoy it though I expect some bits went over his head!)

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