Busy times

The rest of this week and onto the next will be super busy. Thursday is Keeley’s 9 month appointment. It is with just a regular MD, but hopefully since he ‘sees’ children he is somewhat familiar with babies. Sigh. The only thing I found out about the 9 month appointment is that they are to catch up on any shots they missed. 99% positive that she has not missed any shots, in fact some of them seem to be doubled up because they give 4 shots at once, even if they only need the 3, it is a combo shot. Oh well. Doesn’t make me happy, but they say it’s cheaper to do it in the combo. For who, exactly, I don’t know.

On the area of dr’s appts, Matthew is still hitting the chiropractor, therapist, and so on to try and make his back feel better. The new car has helped some as well, it’s not quite as stiff a ride for him, and let’s face it, we needed the car. As much as I hated to admit it. Also, on Tuesday I ‘get’ to have a root canal. Yippee. At least the dentist was willing to forgo antibiotics for now, hopefully I won’t need them at all. It will be nice not to have the pain. To that end, did anyone have any scar tissue after a c-section that moved around, felt like a knot, and hurt when you laughed or ate too much? Anyone have any idea what that might be besides scar tissue? Then I have to have a crown put on after the root canal. Not surprised.

We are donating whatever is leftover on the vacation bible school list from our home church, we just asked the secretary to take the list down and we would buy all that was left. We are also planning on paying for a new flower arrangement (or at least part of one), it’s about time we start doing things, even if we only get there once a month, it is still our church. So we will go to church on Sunday, after picking up the VBS supplies and peaches, lots and lots of peaches from the orchard down the highway, so mom can do what she does with them, and we can have some as well.

Then in the afternoon we will take our buddy Pascal back to the airport.  He’s more of my husband’s friend, but he’s the only real mutual friend we have from back in high school times. Half of his childhood was spent in Switzerland, and he still has a thick accent that I have to really listen to break into these days.  Once I’ve been in his presence a while I pick it up more easily. His sister, who is a few years younger, lost hers after she moved back to the States. Anyway, there is a family reunion for them, and we said we’d take him back to the airport to save them a trip. We’ll be going more than halfway back to home anyway, and either we can continue on, or I will be dropped off with the baby, depending on how she is doing I guess. Either way, we love seeing Pascal and wish he’d move back from Boston. I imagine if he was closer, I’d lose my husband a bit, but more likely we’d end up with a guest more than not. They are tinkerers and could find plenty to do with just the stuff Matthew has collected over the years and not found time to work on.

That’s our update for now. Tune in next time for…more baby pictures!

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