Fun Monday, the wet face edition

Mariposa wants to know: Let’s talk about TEARS. What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘tears’? Have you ever had tears of laughter and tears of joy? When was the last time you had tears of joy? Tears of laughter? Tell us about it! So go on over to her site and check out everyone else’s answer. Mine is below…

Tears.. hmm I see a vibrantly shimmering drop on my husband’s eyelid on our wedding day. The day our baby was born. When he told me we’d put off having babies long enough, dammit. When he told me that he had never wanted anyone else but me.

I see my baby’s crocodile tears as she waits for me to settle in for a nursing session, her frightened tears when she wakes with a bad dream, and I longingly await the tears of laughter she will have one day.

I can’t see my own tears. They fall too often. I let things get to me too easily. Tears of laughter I haven’t had in a while. Probably the last time my mom got tickled over something when I was in her company or the last time I spent any QT with my friend Stacy and no one else. It’s been a while. I’m not even sure if I cried when the baby was born. I was flat out exhausted, I’d been in labor 28 hours and drugged. I know I was in wonder, in awe, in love, but I don’t know if I cried. Do I have that much joy for her, oh yes, I do, but I have no idea if on the day she was born I cried. I don’t suppose it matters, though. I feel her fluffy diaper butt under my hand, her head buried in my chest, giggling, foolishly exhausted in her own way and ready for a rest…that’s enough joy in one sitting to replace all those tears, and that’s maybe 2 seconds of our lives.. there is so much joy in those 2 seconds, and multiplying that out, well, I don’t think the world can contain so much joy…so much mirth, so much…



  1. Those are the moments that tears start in my eyes. They don’t always fall, but the feeling of SO MUCH is hard to contain – and tears seems to be my body’s way of expressing that.

    OF course, being a new-ish mom, you’re too tired to cry. It does take energy. There will be plenty of time for tears later though. I guarantee it.

  2. Don’t let things get too close ! Try to built a little wall around you, just to protect yourself, otherwise you will be eaten up. That happened to me years ago !

  3. I didn’t cry either when my two girls were born..years ago. I don’t think I realized the miracle of it all..young and immature. Now..the birth of my four grandaughters is a different story….many tears of joy and thankfulness. what a cute little one you have…she will bring you many years of Joy.

  4. Very wise observations Jill. Do you work outside the home or are you a stay at home mom? I have a young friend that I worked with from the time she was graduating high school. She just had a baby around Easter and is now finishing up maternity leave and trying to get ready to go back to work full-time. She’s in technology so hopes to get management to let her work from home three days a week. I hope she can swing it because I know she dreads leaving her firstborn.

    As the other commenters have said, take care of yourself so that you can enjoy this little munchkin.

  5. Yeah….take care of yourself. And though I cry a lot, I have moments when I just can’t seem to do it…and that’s when I know I have to slow down…

  6. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I miss you!! I miss those times – I haven’t been able to recreate with anybody wihat we girls had at college. And still have the few times we’re able to get together.

    I feel that of course it’s important to take care of yourself, and of course you should probably try not to let so many things get to you in the bad way. But I would SO much rather be too sensitive and cry too easy at stuff I would rather not be bothered by than close myself off to things. Because then you wouldn’t have all those other meaningful tears in your life either.

    Be sure though, that there is still plenty of laughter and smiles, too.

  7. very sweet….
    I don’t cry as much as my body needs. I think it is healing.
    My mother would bite her upper lip rather than cry – and I think she instilled some of that in me.

    Meanwhile — back to my busy schedule.

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