Odd dreams…

Luckily the last few days I have been able to go back to sleep after my husband leaves around 5 a.m. Unfortunately, though, it ends up being odd dreams for me. From climbing a hill to get away from a large hotel whose elevators split off in odd directions and you have to crawl through them, sometimes a foot off the ground to get to your proper room, and then after you’re on the hill tornadoes come so you have to go back to the hotel and then run a fire drill…. to dreaming about stopping to pray in a church, but instead we find people running with little kids’ shoes up in the trees, the guy stops sprinting and his pal says, okay colors and brands and the guy proceeds to close his eyes, concentrate and say purple nike, red reebok, etc, naming all the kids shoes he ran through, and then we end up on a train, we think we’re back in our college town so I tell my husband we should jump off the train so we can get home, but instead we’re in London and all our train jumping buddies are British and tell us we best not, as we’re not anywhere we can get help.

What? On earth? Is wrong? With my head? I need the sleep, but the continuous onslaught of imagery and peril is horrible to ‘live’ through, even in a dream.

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