Glorious Monday!

Yes, you see correctly, don’t keep rubbing your eyes, I just PRAISED Monday! We had a long uneventful Sunday visiting with relatives, Keeley was one of only 2 babies there, and you know, no one even gushed over her, this was her first outing, as the fall events we couldn’t take her to because of her premature status. Every other time everyone gushes over every baby and wants to hold and all that, nothing, nada, from basically anyone. A couple of people did ask to hold her, but that was it. Maybe we’re just the black sheep of the family or something? I don’t get it. Anyway, other than one rather tense moment where my cousin (who is 10 years older than me, but due to his condition has the developmental processes of a 6 year old) came over to hug me goodbye while I was nursing the baby. He kind of looked at me funny and then shrugged and gave me half a hug. I think he understood, but at least he didn’t say anything. Embarrassing!   ps when we ask you NOT to smoke around the baby, don’t come waving a cigarette in our faces. Oh and I’m sorry and laughing doesn’t count as a real apology either. Just because your kids smoke around their 6 week old doesn’t mean we want our 8 1/2 month old subjected to it. Sigh… I digress

Monday! My husband decided he didn’t get a real weekend and wanted to take Monday off. Who am I to judge? A few less diaper changes for me, a baby who laughs more than whines, and the ability for me to get a few things done. Sounds like a winner to me! We went over things for a nursery theme, talked about house plans, took a walk uptown to check out a couple of stores, got some videos from the library, made pizza (that we had for lunch and dinner as it turns out), watched one movie while the baby was sleeping, went to my husband’s chiropractic appointment, and finally got to go view the building on that property and talk to a neighbor. More on that later. We came home, had leftovers, went for another walk (to Dairy Queen, we hadn’t had DQ in a whole year, since WAY before baby was born and I was watching my sugar), and fed baby a snack and off to bed. We held out for a little while and then crashed ourselves. It was a good day.

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