Fun times…

Me: (wrapping fingers around Matthew’s neck, gently and pretending to shake) WHAT ELSE did you buy with nelnet? For $150. Why on earth would you buy anything else?

Matthew: (looking bewildered) Nelnet is my student loan, and I didn’t do anything with it, you made the payment.

Me: (the lightbulb clicks on, gently strokes said neck and lays head down on his shoulder) I was thinking PAYPAL. Not Nelnet. I’m sorry, forgive me? I thought you bought more computer junk.

Matthew: Umm, yeah. (turns chair back to face computer again, shaking head)..

Just another day in paradise…to be fair, he DOES sometimes buy stuff and not tell me until later, you know after I’m trying to figure out why there is $60 or $100 missing from our bank account and given to paypal. Sigh.

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    It’ll be so nice when you can stop giving your money to nelnet. We paid mine off after our tax return last year. It felt sooooo good! Now if only the med school loan would go away…….

    Mark does that, too. Usually it’s something silly like a GI Joe or Transformers thing. Boys and their toys. Sigh……….

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