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Grace is the hostess for Fun Monday: July 4th is US Independence day, for Fun Monday, please tell how you spend your Independence Day either this year or in the past.   Do you have a July 4th funny story you would like to share?  Do you have a family tradition for this day?

fun_monday_logo_jpg+largeLast year, I was pregnant and we didn’t travel for fourth of July. We tried to stay awake and watch the fireworks on tv. The year before that, we sat on a hill of ants, we had just moved to a new city and that was our first ‘outing’, and probably our only real one other than work related or out to dinner, anyway we went to a park and ended up behind trees for some of them, so we had to move forward to see them, that’s when we sat on the ants. Still rocked your world though, real deep reverberations across the water. The year before that, my husband had just left for his college internship in Seattle. I drove home to our college apartment (less than 1100 sq ft) and called him and sat out on the truck bed and watched fireworks over the college football field. It was all the way back in 2005 that we actually celebrated with family. That and the year before that, one of them the fireworks came backwards and the other one my husband burned his hand. This year, with a combination of donations from everyone who will show up, a mortgage payment was spent on what will go on in this year’s show. Will I get to see it, or will the baby be asleep up at the house and I’ll miss out? Certainly, it may be as memorable as the time my dad climbed up on the garage roof to check out the neighboring town’s fireworks, you could see at least 3 sets going off…we will see. As long as no one gets hurt or is arrested, I suppose we’ll call it a good year. This year there will be family AND friends, most of whom are like family, as well as an all day eat fest. Writing this pre-4th, will update if I remember, or you’ll have to scroll through my blog to read more!!!

This year, well, this year, we started off with baby in pajamas, fed and ready to go to bed. She had heard a few starter fireworks and did not have an issue with them during the daytime. Apparently night was completely different. About 10 minutes and 5 ‘works in, I had to bail with her for the house. She took a while to calm down, but finally fell asleep. I got to see a few of them through the window. I did get to see the big finale ‘works that my husband picked out by stepping out onto the porch, I think they were some of the best ones that they purchased overall. As big as some of the bigger shows, and they all went off one after the another like a real show. Pretty cool.

We did have a full day of friends and family and socializing. I hope that the rest of you had just as much fun as we did.


  1. Babies do tend to put a damper on loud celebrations. My son is only now (at age 10) sort of able to deal with it. He has very sensitive hearing and I don’t push it. I’d like him to keep his keen ears for as long as possible!

  2. One would start to wonder if you were even meant to celebrate July 4th, right Jill? Lesson in this: no holding back the weather, ants, or a cranky baby! I’m glad you got to spend some good time with friends and family though–that’s what is important.

    I didn’t make it on the Fun Monday sign up, but my post is up. Stop by if you have time. Have a good week and try not to think about how long it is before we have another holiday!

  3. Our neighbors kids had some ‘illegals” and I enjoyed watching their mom have a near nervous breakdown ..

    yup.. babies and loud noises don’t mix. Nor do butts and ants.

  4. Wow – what a neat history of your “fourths” over the last few years! Sounds like the fireworks were nifty; sorry to hear that they didn’t sit too well with your little one 🙁 Before you know it, though, she’ll be up and about and applauding wildly, I’ll bet!

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