PPP v 4.0, good, bad, and ugly

This post sponsored by PayPerPost. It puts money in my baby’s bank account.

Payperpost has changed. PayPerPost v4.0 is the newest release and works completely differently than version three. In the newest version, you put your blog out there and hope that someone will come along and want you to write for them.

The good: no more tracking down the ‘perfect’ opportunity writing about maternity clothes for five dollars, the opportunities come to you. You set your own price. This way, you should be guaranteed that most of the opportunities are good for your blog and would not compromise the content in any way. You can also choose not to take one that someone offers you, such as a link to a Minnesota attorney for fifty cents. I do not live in Minnesota, why would I want to link to your site?

The bad: You have to really lower your price (my first one I did was for fifty cents) in order to get any recognition at all. There is no telling how long you have to keep it down, or how many posts you will have to write about the same site before you get the accolades enough to raise the price to something decent.

The ugly: You really have to pimp yourself, or already have a recognized name to get any money in the beginning, because at this point, spending 10 minutes to get a perfect 100 word post (which I often go over on, out of generosity and verbosity) when my baby is learning to crawl and get into things, for fifty cents, when I could spend the same amount of time to do a decent post about something I am totally interested in, instead of something that just kind of matches, for $25.

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