Packaging Oddities…

Have you noticed that packaging, particularly of food products is getting more odd? I opened a box of crackers this morning (I made cheeseball last night) and the ridge for opening wasn’t at the top, it was in sideways! So I dumped it out and a teeny tiny half size package fell out. But the box was still heavy. Hmm. I dumped it out again and there was a second half size package. They double bagged inside the box so you could eat half at a time? Seems like a waste of packaging to me. We had a different kind of cracker open since December and just finished those last month and they were perfectly fine.

Then there’s the chip bags that have always held half a bag and been inflated with air to make them look full. I’ve always hated that. Products from Schwans are usually in a bag inside a big heavy box. I find double packaging to be pointless unless you are going to store something for quite a while. Especially if its not recyclable plastic.  Also, someone please tell me the point of the little plastic bags to put produce in at the store, when you’re going to put them in a bigger plastic bag most likely when you get to the checkout. Do you really need plastic around bananas with a tough peel on them that you’re going to toss anyway?

Anyone else come up with weird things like that which don’t seem right? Let me know.

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    What drives me extra crazy (and you will soon discover the joys of this!) are how they package toys. We’ve opened up packages on Christmas only to discover that not only was the item in a box that had to be untapes, but the toys are wired in (some are even screwed in!), and taped around the wires, and sometimes even GLUED, too!!!! And the kids are excited and want their stuff and you’re trying, and it’s ridiculous.

    I’ve noticed plenty of extra packaging and I guess that they don’t want stuff as stealable (is that a word?). Seems silly.

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