How to travel with a baby (review)

Ever wondered how to deal with summer vacations post baby? What’s up with baby travel ? How do you do is safely? The link gives you a round-trip ticket to ease. With hotels other people have rated all over the globe as 5 rattles (they use rattles instead of stars, how cute is that?) as baby friendly, you can tell which hotels will treat your little peanut as one of the gang and not just a tag-along, no matter where you go! They also have products ranging from a take with you potty seat (for the yuck-factor of public toilets) to a strap for keeping your little one’s sippy cup from hitting the pavement on those marathon shopping trips or zoo tours, available for sale. As I said before, I love their ‘Tips’ section, it includes for all stages. There are also baby-proofing tips that you can use at home as well as for hotel rooms, and suggestions for what to take along to ensure that trip goes as smoothly as possible, for everyone involved!

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