Extreme recycling

I saved all the paper and bags from my baby shower, thinking somehow I’d be able to ‘recycle’ them for a town festival, giveaway, etc. anyone have any ideas? That way they’d get more than one use and maybe get totally recycled.


  1. I also kept all of my bags! I did the same thing when we got married, and I wrapped everyone’s Christmas presents with them. They thought it was funny and knew what an environmentalist I was, so it was a great joke. Now the wedding bags are circulating throughout the family because no one wants to throw them away!

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I keep all bags and reuse them. After 2 kids, we’ve gotten plenty of them. And they aren’t cheap, so besides the environment, you’d be tossing away money. If you don’t have an occasion to use them, you can use them to hold odds and ends on road trips or for lightweight grocery bags, until they falling apart. My kids like to use them to play. Lauren carries around her play food. For the paper, you can use them in a scrapbook, or you can rewrap with the parts that aren’t too wrinkly. Some papers are specific for baby shower, but some can be used for other baby gifts (such as when little miss turns 1) or even Christmas or wedding. You can also crumple it up and use it as packing or cushion for presents or breakables. Can also let Keeley rip it. Wasn’t she into ripping paper a while back?

    I don’t know if recycling places take wrapping paper, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find out. We have place here where we take all of our glass, plastic, newspapers, cardboard, and paperboard. Paperboard is all the cereal boxes, kleenex boxes, tags on clothes, etc…. in case you didn’t know. And Mark takes regular paper to the hospital, and we take aluminim cans to a place in town that pays you for them. Some we do curbside, but they only take #1 and #2 plastics, and only those that are bottles, aluminum, newspapers, and plain cardboard.

    Our garage is always a disaster from all of the stuff we have waiting to go to recycling, but it feels good to do it!

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