I know of 5 items that are lost. They are related. There may be other lost items of which we are not aware. We KNOW that these items made the move, as the apartment was clean the last time we moved. We would NOT have thrown these items away. They would be considered ‘books’ and ‘baby’ items simultaneously. The main baby stuff was in large grey totes, we found about 30 books, but 3 are still missing. They should have been in there together. I swear they should have. But if not, where would I have put them. What catch all box, that may not be unpacked, might I have thought I would open and see them and yet, somehow, I can’t find them. We’ve gone through all the baby totes and nada. Any clue? The only baby thing that was really put separately was the breast pump bag and the stuff wasn’t in with that. What items do you start needing after 6 months, perhaps and you think maybe you might be able to use later so you pack them away in a separate box? Argh. No clue. But it’s very frustrating. 2 more closets full of boxes to go through.


  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    You’re going to find it someday when you least expect it. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for while it will still do you some good. I am amazed at how stuff can hide around here. AND at my ablility to misplace things that I’ve had in my hand just moments before and I NEVER GOT UP.

    The worst (lately anyway) was when I lost my keys right after Christmas. Looked EVERYWHERE, including dumping out the purse I had used where I thought I put them. Finally went and made new car keys and made Mark buy new locks for the house, and then they day before he was goign to put the locks on, he said “are you sure you looked everywhere?” and opens my purse (that I searched multiple times and dumped out!) and finds them. I was so hopping mad. Two weeks I couldn’t find them. I insist Lauren had them and put them in there. Or else Mark hid them and put them back in there to make me think I’m going crazy.

    Hopefully your lost stuff won’t make you go crazy. You know, one sure fire way to find what you are missing is to go buy a replacement for it. Things always seem to pop up then.

  2. I lose things just taking over night trips to grandparents houses….and swear we brought everything home with us.

    I think baby items just disappear – like matching socks.

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