Gets smarter every day…

Not the baby, the man. Seriously, he’s been hunting around for a new car for a while. He finally asked ME what I thought was the requirement for a new car. Stunner! Of course I don’t give a crap about horsepower or whatnot.  I do think we are narrowing down the field though. It just feels like we’re walking on this huge treadmill. Do we buy a car if we’re getting ready to buy a house, or wait? Why can’t we find a house? We’re so sick of living here, and yet the perfect property isn’t showing up, should we buy and live somewhere for a few years until we can find that perfect piece of land, at least then we’d be out of town?

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  1. These are always difficult decisions to make. I often find that in the long run things often turn out for the best. So what ever you do will turn out to be right for you.

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