Keeley has now shoved in a pretty good quantity of sweet potatoes, and even had banana and sweet potato (and a couple of fingertip licks of mashed potatoes, shh! the dairy police will kill me, as it had milk and margarine in it!) the other night. As a result, today, I actually had solid(ish)s to shake into the toilet. More like use toilet paper to get it out. Either way, she is definitely getting her body into gear. Must bake that other sweet potato and find a better banana. The last one was too hard, and we had to mush it with a fork so the pieces weren’t too big/hard for her to gum. She was able to do it somewhat, but it really shouldn’t be that tough.

Anyway, she is fine with still nursing (yes, I knocked on wood), and seems to look forward to high chair time. May cook some carrots if they look okay and give those a try. Maybe in combo with the sweet potato. Either way, she definitely has the mash in her fingers and sweep to her mouth going. She can pick off of one of our fingers with her hand as well. She also seems to chase food down on her tray and look for more.  I’m really glad she decided banana was okay, as those travel well, don’t have to be refrigerated, and most people/stores have them lying around. So far she’s just taking in foods at night, but she seems fine with that, and in a couple of weeks we may bump her up to 2 meals a day. I know that’s a bit behind technical schedules for kids her age, but she’s still growing gangbusters, and seems normal enough to me, she’s so SMART, she figures out things I just don’t think she ‘oughta’, so.. he he. I guess we’ll have our handsful when she decides to crawl, oh by the way, I didn’t see it, but Matthew said she was up on her hands and knees for a split second last night.


  1. Matthew

    Oh and for the record it wasn’t a “split second” it was about 3 or 4 seconds the first time and 5 or 6 seconds the second time I saw her!

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I think baby girls like to perform for their daddies. And I think that they feel we are with them all the time, so why should they show their special tricks to us? I was so huffy that Jacob rolled over first for Mark and then next for his sister. It was several times for daddy before he did it for me. Hmph…kids!

  3. yeah! You might try Mango and Avacado too – when ripe they are really nice and soft and squishy…and those avacados are full of good nutrients for babies! I don’t think enough people think about them for their babies.

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