Hero, June 7th

Calling all bloggers, today you are my hero. The ones who share stories about your kids and what you did to solve the problem where something ridiculous happened and by a miracle (and a quick google search), you were able to fix it. You share tips, tricks, and all the little frustrations, so the little ones that are coming up next (like my little one) can have the benefit of that knowledge.

Like banana stains bibs and clothes (duh, it turns dark, of course it does), so I washed it out ahead of time and didn’t have to learn the hard way.

Like instructions for washing diapers, packing a bag for the hospital (even though I didn’t get a chance to use that advice), and many other idiosyncrasies that may seem inane or commonplace to some, but to us new, first time mommies, whether working out in the ‘real world’, or in ‘babyland’ in our own homes, we don’t have to struggle to figure it out. It’s like that awesome person who left the job in front of you and left an inch thick manual and their phone number and e-mail address in case you need it (yeah, I’ve done that, TWICE!), I guess it’s karma or a guardian angel or something looking out for me. So thanks for all the advice, blogging mommas and blogging non-mommas alike, sometimes the best advice comes from those who can un-ring the bell, so to speak. Today, you are my heroes!


  1. It’s the beauty of blogging. Connection with all the others who have gone before, and being the person in the forefront for someone else!

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