A little behind

I’m a little behind on my hero writing for the month, but I will play catch up. I’ve had an odd cold/seasonal allergies/sinus issue the last couple of days, Keeley’s working on army crawling, she can ‘inchworm’ across the floor by a few inches at a time, and the people upstairs are moved out (can I get an AMEN?!?), however it has been 2 long days of short, interrupted naps for KJ because of it. The minute I went to put her down they’d drop something or scream at each other and that would be that. She’d just cry for an hour until it was time to eat again. Oh well.  They are out, and our landlady is moving in upstairs at some point, hopefully not until the end of the month, that would be really nice, but anyway, she works a regular job so hopefully she’ll be gone all the times Keeley is trying to nap and not too loud at others. Forgive the tardiness on my part, it’s been a pretty exhausting week. On to the heroes.

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