Matthew is being thoughtful as of late. Not sure what’s gotten into him, but I like it! He decided I should have some new clothes, and that my friend should go with me to help pick out. I ended up with 2 friends! meeting up and we had a blast, with 4 kids between us, it was a little hectic, and I ended up with a stomachache towards the end of the day (McDonald’s doesn’t agree with me), and the tandem nursing in the parking lot was hilarious! A good time had by all, best of all, my husband even had some time to do some chores and guy time as well. It probably didn’t seem much like free time to him, but it did allow him to rescue his Bronco and we did bring it with us to our new place. It’s unlicensed as of yet, but there is a car show in about 2 weeks and I bet we’ll go as a family and chill out. We haven’t done that in a very long time. Oh! And my friends did an awesome job of picking out clothes, although, even something I couldn’t predict, the pants that were tight/just right in the store, got baggy almost immediately. What the heck? But still, all the other pants I have are greater than 5 years old, minimum, so it’s totally awesome to have some new, if not trendy things to wear! I just need to remember my belt. Bad thing is that I couldn’t find any of the stuff I got online, I was going to go back and get duplicates in other colors, but no such luck. May keep the tags, take them with me next time we go in a general direction of town, and play match up!

My friend Stacy let me use her Kohl’s cash as well, so with sales I can’t imagine how much stuff I actually got for very little money. Thanks Stacy!

When I opened my laptop this morning, I had a card in it. From my husband. Guess he figured it was a safe bet that one of the first things I would do is check my email. Guilty as charged. Oh and I got an email from him saying dinner was covered for tonight. What does that mean? Who knows?

Why did he do all of this? Because it’s my birthday of course. For once, getting older doesn’t seem that bad. I’m not preoccupied with it, how could I be? I have so much else to do and so much to rejoice in that I can’t possibly worry about something so silly as a number. But in case you’re curious, it’s 30. I also told my true weight to the license place when we got our new IDs a couple of weeks ago. As I said yesterday, I’m coming into my own, and it’s about time. I hope my baby girl does it a lot sooner than me. I’m enjoying myself so much.


  1. Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUU!

    I’d sing, but I’m so sleepy that I’d probably mix up the words.

    I hope it’s a wonderful day.

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