June 1, hero

Umm, me! If I don’t start with myself, I will never do it. Finally after all these years, I fully like ‘me’ — it doesn’t bother me if people don’t like me or don’t seem to think I even exist. Which happens a lot. I figure it’s their own problem and get on with things in my own right. It’s true what they say, having a baby changes everything. I no longer worry about what other people think or say, unless I specifically ask them something. I have faith in myself and my abilities, my decisions and my own way of life. My morals and faith have confirmed for me the path I should be taking, at least as much as I can see in front of me.

For years I have risen the bar, put out the effort on things that were very difficult for me to do: speak in public, be a contestant in a beauty pageant (stop laughing it was all for making myself more outgoing), serving as the heads of organizations in my college, joining church groups, and so on. I worked as hard as I could to polish the rough edges, and although I’ll never be a lady, I know I have tried my best to be a good role model for my baby. I know I will stand up for her, to the best of my ability, with all the strength and skill that I have, and encourage her to do all the things I feared the most and never did. She will overcome any shyness, discouragement about her gender,  intelligence or ability. I will be her hero, and she will be mine.

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