Why don’t they have stuff like this in the US?

For a long time, I was on the cusp of Plus Size Clothing. After I had the baby, I’m no longer there (knock wood), but could be easily enough. With nursing, I definitely have the ‘top’ to be in the plus category and have long had to wear a bigger top than bottom. What is nearly impossible, though, is finding something to flatter your figure, especially a post baby figure.

Do you hide your tummy, or ignore it, figuring everyone knows by the 20 lb lump of sunshine and dirty diaper that you’re carrying around accounts for it? How exactly do you dress for post baby staying at home, going to church and oh dear lord! family functions! In the summer. Especially when you gave up all your too small clothes (which you desperately wish you now had) when you found out you were pregnant?

Well the site linked above, yeah I wish we had that in the US. The bras alone would be worth the expense of going there if I really had to. I mean, who really has all those sizes that you don’t have to special order some ugly thing from a department store catalog to get? All the cute stuff I see in the stores stops at a C. Sorry, some of us just have bigger girls than that. Especially us nursing ones! Definitely a favorite!

I also love the swimsuits, not all the models are a size 0 and look like they haven’t eaten in weeks. Rock on! It would be something I wouldn’t mind my daughter seeing at some point. Most of the catalogs in the US are full of the same 5 women over and over again in various ‘I could be blown away if a gust of wind came up’ sizes. Not so with this one. The clothes are SO cute! I think my sister in law would like them too, she’s young, but needs more trendy stuff than she can find at local stores. I think the dresses actually look better on the plus sized models, too, you get an idea of what YOU would actually look like wearing it, versus guessing how your lumps and bumps would fit under the size 0 magnified. Awesome. Now if we only had something like this in the US, it would be great!


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