If you read, please post a comment, even a smiley face would be nice. Seems like I get a comment every 3 or 4 posts. Do I have to ask ya’ll to chime in or what? Boring you to death? Speak up. Even though this is a pretty good outlet, it’s also good to know if I’m reaching my target audience enough. Am I being too whiny? Not putting in enough baby pictures or stories? Too many? That goes for my hubby too. Since he doesn’t post to his own blog anymore, the least he could do is chime in every now and then…


  1. I don’t always have something to say… unbelievable as that may sound.

    When your blog updates, my reader lets me know. I read every time you post.

  2. I also always read your posts when they show up in my Google reader, but I often have days when I just feel like reading and don’t do much commenting anywhere – I also have days when I just feel like I don’t have anything to offer to a particular conversation. I do enough pointless blathering on my own blog – I try not to do it all over everyone else’s as well!

  3. For some reason your posts aren’t showing up on bloglines – so the reason I hadn’t been visiting was because I wasn’t seeing your site “light” up.

    I decided to check today and realized you have been posting. Sorry.

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