Why do we use cloth diapers?

This question was posed on cotton babies blog (clothdiapers.blogspot.com)  as to why (environment, money, etc) and here is my answer: It’s a little bit of everything I think. We live in such a wasteful society. I’ve been a blogger for a couple of years and read a testimonial from someone using cloth and i thought, wow. this normal person is using cloth and its working for her. neat. I began researching. I was pregnant of course and just about made my eyes bleed looking at everyone’s comments on diaper pin, and found out i basically had to try some things on my own to see what worked. Once we started using them, my hubby jumped on board the bandwagon and started screaming from the drivers seat. He loves them. Of course he doesnt change as many as I do, but still. He does mention that they’re cloth anytime anyone gets a peek. He thinks the disposables smell awful, and of course we’re both concerned about what our kid(s) environment will be like in 20 years. And although we’ve shelled out some big bucks, we never have to run to the store for diapers. We’re definitely throwbacks. We like it that way. The other day I gave my niece one of my baby’s diapers after her inquiry and she looked it over and said, so you just wash them? And I said, yes and you get brand new diapers. She of course didn’t see the genius in the simplicity of her statement.

Also, there is supposed to be an explosion in coming weeks of the disposable diaper industry flooding mommy bloggers with samples of diapers and asking them to rave about them on their blogs. Read up on it here. Cotton Babies asked us all to go ahead and blog about cloth to kind of put up a flood wall so to speak to ward off the incoming tide… if you ever have any questions about cloth diapers, let me have them. If you live nearby, I’ll even let you take a peek (although you can do so at a store near you as well)…until later, my dear readers (CHOOSE CLOTH [hint if you’re a first time mom, you can even register for cloth!}) Oh and did I mention they’re cute?

Keeley under mountain of new diapers (cloth and SO cute!)

Keeley under mountain of new diapers (cloth and SO cute!)

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