Swim diaper

It’s Feed your Stash Friday again. We haven’t gone to the pool yet, although my hubs will be sure to coax me into it this summer (in the midwest its still considered too cold for a few more weeks) so baby can get used to the water. Having a swim diaper will make it easy, as it can be washed with the rest of the cloth instead of thrown away like the other disposable swim diapers. So if you’ve got a baby and would like to have a swimsuit/diaper all in one, that you can reuse again and again, go on over and try and feed your stash. If you don’t win, look up swim diapers on any of your favorite cd’ing websites!

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  1. Hi there I’m still doing catch up I have so many posts I still want to read. I actually went for a swim today -haven’t been for a month and I really enjoyed it. When My children were babies they hadn’t invented those swim diapers so it used to be hit and miss(rubber pants) luckily I never had an accident.

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