Don’t get me…

I have realized for quite some time that people don’t ‘get’ me a lot. For instance, if you look at all the Fun Monday posts from the other people, 99% of the moms do SOMETHING for themselves. They say it’s an essential part of their lives (and that was the premise of the hostess, too, that it’s important to take care of YOU)–however when I faintly lamented that I don’t get a bath every couple of weeks with a chance to read, it was as if I had said I regret having my baby. Um, hello? Did I say anything about that? No, I tongue in cheek said that my baby was the one pampered and treated royally and said I would take care of myself when I could, but now was not the time basically (and hey, my hubby reads this blog, maybe he’d get the idea that I’d like to be able to get a haircut as I’ve been talking about it since before we moved)… all the comments basically say that I should enjoy the time that I have, that it goes too quickly..well I’m a SAHM, yes, it does go by pretty fast, but for me it’s kind of slow, and I enjoy all her smiles and giggles and putting her up into a sitting position for the 20th time, only to watch her fall on her ring of pillows ONE MORE TIME and reach for her again. Believe me, I’m getting full satisfaction out of it. I love that she doesn’t well up and cry when she falls down. That I’ve made her feel safe and that it’s okay to make mistakes and fall and that mommy will take care of it and you can always try again. Immense satisfaction there. She feels safe, she feels comforted, she feels loved. I would not trade that for any of the fancy massages that anyone else gets any day of the week. But if my hubs did want to drop me off at the local snip snip shop and take the baby to look at tvs in walmart, well, that would be okay with me, you know? If everyone else ‘deserves’ it, then why can’t I say it would be alright with me if I got that every once in a while too? Everyone else that got a comment it was to the tune of ‘I’m SO glad you’re taking care of yourself’ –hello? I’m not taking care of myself and wish I could a tiny bit, so I must be wishing time away, but everyone else goes and gets massages and they get a pat on the back for being so sophisticated?

People just don’t get me.

It happened this past weekend too. My mom was trying to give me her wooden chair with the nice soft padded seat cushion at the table. I was reaching for the folding chair. She tried arguing with me, until I physically took it out of her hands and made a sarcastic comment about trying to give my mom the nice chair. Apparently everyone at the table (except my¬† husband) misinterpreted it. They acted like I was yelling at my husband and that I was really mean to him. I was REALLY confused, but just shrugged at him and sat down and ate. On our way home I asked my husband and he said he knew perfectly well what I was doing and that’s why he didn’t say anything. He gets me. I mean, would YOU take a nice squishy chair when your mom, who is twice your age, sat on a hard folding chair? If so, then you SUCK! People just don’t get me, people I grew up in the same house with don’t have a clue who I am or my sense of humor. Every once in a while my oldest brother K responds as if he gets it, and his wife can read my face pretty well when I’m joking, but most of the time, it’s lost on all of them. No wonder they don’t talk to me much. The funny thing is, most of my friends know when I’m kidding and laugh, and I was only around them for 3 or 4 years in college…they DO tend to get me.

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    You just did an awesome job picking your friends! And the chair thing – I totally get that, would have done the same, and am very happy that Matt understands that, too.

    Get that haircut!! It would be nicer if Matt would take Keeley and let you do it on your own, but even if he doesn’t, take her with you and keep her in her seat. Or the stroller. I didn’t go for a long time to get mine cut because Mark was never home to keep the kids, and I didn’t want to take them to a beauty shop that reeked of chemicals. But I discovered that the smaller places aren’t that bad to go into, most of the time. Find a small, locally owned shop, and taking her with you will be a breeze. Until she’s big enough to NOT be in the seat or stroller any longer, anyway!

    I “get” you (or at least most of the time, I suppose I’m not perfect), and I’m glad to have you as my friend!!

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