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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I haven’t had that problem except for the lady who was supposed to be sending us info on the lot that we ultimately bought. I even had her cell phone number and she didn’t return our calls for weeks. I do find it interesting that she finally called 1 week after we looked at a different lot that we were really waffling about. Once she actually got the info to us that time, it was just a matter of a couple of weeks before we had ourselves a lot. I emailed her on March 13th to ask for the list of approved trees for the subdivision and I have yet to hear anything. She mentioned to me that we should keep her in mind when we go to sell our home. I couldn’t believe she thinks we’d actually have her try to sell our home! There are good realtors. It just seems they are few and far between. And none in the St. Louis and surrounding areas!!!! You should ask when they’re going to be in, and try again. Or ask to talk to someone else in the office who can help. There’s almost always someone else. Or even point blank tell them that you don’t like to leave phone numbers unless you are actually working with someone and that you can take your business elsewhere, thank you very much!

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