Final exam

Well at least one worry is leaving me today, my hubby is taking his final exam (finally!) He left work early yesterday to come home and study. He studied Sunday night, too. He did listen to all of the review session (even if most of it was without any notion of what was going on, he said the last few minutes was the only really helpful thing, as they didnt have a microphone on the students asking or answering questions for 2 hours, nice, huh?) He also caught up on the other sessions he hadn’t listened to and reread the chapters in his book that he needed to in order to fully review. He said he felt a lot better about it all, even knowing it would be 20+ pages. They finally said the exam would be 24 short answer and so many word problems. For the midterm he just worked in order, and didnt’ do well because there wasn’t enough time to finish the questions worth more points. This time (I suggested, but he had already realized) he is going to flip through the exam and then go directly to the ‘point busters’ worth like 15 points apiece. He said they were taking him 15 minutes minimum last time, so he will spend the majority of the time on those and then catch as many of the short answer ones as he can at the end. Again, this is the most ridiculous class that I have ever heard of, and I’ve worked for several high education institutions and of course attended college myself and was with my hubby when HE went to college a few years ago. Never have I heard of such a poorly planned, ill executed, and overall just bad class. He will be so glad to see the back of this thing. Now, just pray that he passes. I think he did all that he could here at the end to be fully studied, but it still leaves me a little leery, and a little weary. At least it will all be over with before lunch. I went ahead and got up when he got out of the shower, turned the womb bear back on, grabbed his lunch box and turned on his coffee, popped a waffle in the toaster, and crammed his lunch box with as many little snacks and treats as I could. Good luck honey. I’m proud of you.


  1. Matthew

    Thanks! It is all done, I actually feel I did a LOT better than the mid term exam. I still feel like I have been taken a beating then ran over by a car then beaten some more.. Also, it was 26 short answer, where they say flat out, they will ignore anything beyond 25 word answers. Each of these was worth 4 points. Then there were 6 solve-it type problems worth 16 points each. It took me 30 minutes just to read through the entire exam, then an hour and a half to do the 6 solve-it type problems, leaving me only 30 minutes to finish the 26 short answer questions. But I did finish. I may have shortened what I wanted to say on some of the short answer questions, but I did finish, and made sure I have an answer for each and every question this time even if it is wrong!

  2. Well, it’s all over and it sounds like he felt pretty good about how he did. I hope so for both of your sakes. The class sounds absolutely bizarre. My lucky fingers are crossed for you!

  3. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Congrats on making it through the class, Matt!! And to both of you for making it through a really stressful time. Are there many more classes on the horizon?

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