Out doorsy stuff…

Why am I writing about outdoorsy stuff?Mostly because I’ve been stuck inside for almost 6 months inside the city. I love to get out of town and hang out with the family, which we did for mother’s day yesterday. Awesome. Checked out the pond (2 little fish, a million tadpoles and some GIANT bullfrog tadpoles that you could roast on a spit). Didn’t get a chance to look much at the garden, but I did see some onions growing that I wanted to make into pizza sauce! Yum! It was nice to be outside despite the gnats and the skunk smelling dogs that were draped in pond moss!

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  1. tadpoles… wow!!

    We got a bucket of tadpoles two years ago and poured them in our pond. We’ve heard one frog –

    I think husband keeps the pond too clean for frogs.

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