Only in a small town

Setup: talking a walk pushing baby in stroller: observation….

Drive through on package liquor store, including 2 ‘ding’ bars so you know when someone is coming and stops at the window.

Setup: talking a walk pushing baby in stroller:

2 ladies sitting outside sherriff’s office. I wonder why they are smoking sitting on the ground instead of walking around or doing something else instead, and then one of them says to the other ‘my boyfriends’ been locked up since the drug raid-you know they got 5…’ — observation…. they were VISITING!

Setup: me laying in bed trying desperately to fall back asleep as baby is finally napping. Baby’s crib on wall next to stairs.

Apartment kid above us coming down the stairs (bangs door quietly). Apartment mom above us coming down stairs “what the bleep is wrong with you are you retarded or something, you’re going to wake the baby”– (screeches at the top of her lungs and bangs door loudly).  Apartment kid ‘I wasn’t trying to be loud, mom’ …. Observation…. she’s pregnant again. Wonder how the other 2 kids will take to yelling about THEIR baby not just ours? Observation….She was louder than he was.

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