Got gear?

I must admit, you probably will not see me with a gun any time soon, but you can get a Blackhawk holster for yours from LA Police Gear, which was founded by police officers from Los Angeles to serve their needs. Neat, huh? They do not only sell to police officers, but also to military (the government), security guards, and the general public. To be honest, I had no idea such a thing existed, but the holster is right or left hand accessible, something my husband would love to know! It’s hard to find gear that a lefty can use just as easily as a righty! There are also tactical flashlights (couldn’t we all use a flashlight that’s super bright, because obviously you ONLY need them when you’re looking for something small or need light to read by in the dark, right? Checking electrical panels or finding the number for the electric company, right? Of course there’s also tactical clothing, which I imagine would be darn handy for people playing paintball or laser tag as well. It’s really an all out outdoorsy thing, because of course hunters would find great boots and camouflage items here as well. Check it out.

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