Deer damaging your yard?

Ever find yourself in need of deer repellent to restrict the damage to lawns and landscaped areas of your home? My mom has tried everything, including human hair (from the barbershop), rotten eggs and milk, and of course, bars of soap to try and repel the deer from her garden. She even tried planting turnips in their valley to try and get them to go for them instead of her stuff! Mostly, they managed to make their 2 black labs fat and full of stuff they shouldn’t have been eating, but must have smelled oh so yummy to them!

The biggest problem for the deer were trees planted around the garden as a windbreak. Even though they were very fast growing, the deer really liked the new shoots and leaves on the small trees that first summer. After rescuing some soap from puppy teeth clenches, mom gave up. But she didn’t need to. Havahart┬« products could have helped her while she was waiting for those trees to get ‘out of reach’ to deer teeth. Some of them are listed as safe for organic gardens and by the EPA. What could be better than that? Safe, green, and not disgusting enough for the dogs to want to roll in or chew up, awesome!

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