They just rock, don’t they? I always appreciated my mom. Even as a teenager, I knew she was kinda weird, but didn’t care. She made cookies and baked bread and always gave us a snack after school. She made dinner (focus on food much?) and gardened and I watched Days of Our Lives when I was like 5 while she sat and folded laundry. Sometimes I helped too. She passed on her love of books (and food, hey a kid’s gotta eat!) and just plain joy with life. Also her way of squeezing a budget to do ‘one more thing’ and sacrifice and also a pinch of insanity when you think something isn’t coming out quite right and you have company. To believe in things without proof and do the right thing, even if it’s hard, and to study and believe in yourself and volunteer your time and talent, and to model good behavior for little ones.

Some people are afraid to turn into their mothers. Not me. I hope I can be as good as her some day. Love you mommy!


  1. That was really sweet.

    Every time I look in the mirror, see a picture of myself or hear my voice I think that I have turned into my mother.

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