No more weight loss

Why did EVERYONE say that they could eat whatever they wanted when they were nursing, that it just magically burnt right off, etc? I stopped doing that 3 months ago, when the weight plateaued, and I quit ‘double pumping’ and I’ve gained 5 pounds back and have not lost them since. What is the deal? I am eating half of what I used to, the baby is eating 7 or 8 times a day, and I’m hungry and exhausted all the time. My friend Stacy, who reads here, started out at the same weight, she BF for 4 months and lost 20 lbs. And she ate candy bars! I have been for 6 months and lost 13 lbs and gained 5 back. Umm, hello? Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? What did the rest of you all do? Lie? Starve? I have 10 lbs to go to my goal, which is the high end of ‘normal’ on my height/weight BMI scale. I have been walking since we moved. For a while I quit eating fruits and veggies for the most part because we were moving and I didnt want to buy too many, so that may account for the plateau the last month, but what about the rest? The scale refuses to budge.  I’m afraid of cutting too many calories because the baby obviously needs to eat and I’m not weaning her, but everyone said that they could eat anything, and I just CAN’T. What I do it keeps the pounds steady, even with moving and exercise. What gives? I’m still VERY overweight, and my husband has started making comments. At first, he was happy that I had lost some weight. Then he started talking about me exercising, then comments about my middle. I dont know why he’s like that lately, I’ve been giving him all the room he needs to ‘adjust’ to being a dad. He’s gone out with friends like 5 times and movies like 3 times. I have only been out of the house 2 times by myself and that was to go get groceries. ‘Big’ stuff. What else can I do to make him see that I’m trying my hardest? I was working out with weights, but now I can’t do that as we have someone who is a daytime sleeper living below us. Walking is my only option. Help!


  1. Sometimes men are a$$holes at times. They can’t help it. Making derogatory remarks about how a woman’s body looks after building a baby is insensitive at best, and when it’s obvious that you’re working on it, actually just rude.

    Not all women magically lose weight while nursing. And you’re right that you should not cut calories or skimp on good nutrition while nursing. Serious weight loss produces chemical compounds that are poisonous when excreted in breast milk.

    I don’t have a quick, easy solution. Sorry.

  2. I would definitely get back to eating plenty of veggies and fresh fruit.

    The comments from your hubby don’t help. Men.

  3. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I hope Matt realizes how hurtful he’s being. Not only have you had HIS baby and all, but he’s supposed to love you for you. So he needs to knock it off.

    You’re right, I did have an amazing weight loss while nursing Jacob (and I did eat candy bars, and tons of other stuff, not always the best choices), but as soon as I finished, it ALL came back. Plus a couple. I definitely stopped losing weight, and had I nursed as long as you, I may have started to put back on even more. And with Lauren, I never got more than 10 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, and that all came back when I stopped, and now I’m 10 pounds even heavier than before. I guess I’m saying that it does work differently for everyone, and it stinks for you that it’s not coming off as much as you’d like, but it’s through no fault of your own. And no matter what you lose, your body won’t ever be the same. At least mine isn’t. Keep up with the fruits and veggies, keep the walking, and try to drink lots of water. It may help to keep a food journal. I tried that once, and didn’t realize until I read it just how much (and what kind of stuff) I was really was eating. I did a bad thing though and quit, instead of learning from it. You ought to be eating a 2500 to 3000 calorie diet. Good diet, of course. I never could master that. You sound like you’re really trying. Do you at least feel better, even if the scale doesn’t make you feel better? Oh, and sadly, it’s REALLY REALLY hard to lose that middle. I didn’t. Of course, I’m anti-exercise. But lots of women always and forever have that poochy tummy that shows everyone that they are moms. I know that isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s a reality for a lot of women. Unfortunately for you, you are short (surprise! In case you didn’t know!!) and therefore any weight around your middle is more noticeable than those who are taller.

    I wish I had more encouraging words, but really, I think it sounds like you’re doing a good job. I hope Matt chills out and thinks about how he’s making you feel. Surely he doesn’t really want to make you feel that way, and once he realizes what he’s doing, he’ll change his tune. Mark and I have let each other know that we both realize we’re each pounds heavier than when we started dating, and we would each be fine if the other decided to lose weight, but we’re still going to love (and love on!!) each other just as much with the extra 60 pounds between us. Wow, that sounds a lot worse when you add it up!!

  4. You may need to eat more. Your body will go into starvation mode if you cut back too much and it will cling to the weight it has because it thinks it’s starving. Eat healthfully (as others have said – lots of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins) and keep walking. Check around on the Web for other advice but I suspect that’s what’s happening.

    As for your husband’s comments, let’s let him try to do what you’ve done. Insensitive and immature.

    Good luck, Jill.

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