Accountability April: Over

Well, this is it folks, no more being accountable..well, maybe not. The point is that I learned a few things over the month. I really thought about why I’m so negative, and although I can’t say I won’t ever feel bad about my growing up years again, I can say that I’m putting them behind me. I continue to strive every day to be a better wife and mother, while figuring out what being that all means with who I USED to be. I have done a bit of exercising here and there. I did a lot of heavy lifting and stairs yesterday getting boxes up and things packed for the move. That’s exercise in itself. Is it the usual exercise like weight machines and treadmills? No. But I will not afford that type of thing. I will focus my efforts on saving to try and get into our own house. So far, we’re doing pretty good. By moving we’re cutting our budget and making it easier to look for property closer to where we actually want to live. Which is nice. April? While it has been stressful, and I’ll be glad that it’s over.. let’s just say I’m making peace with the past. Bring on the May flowers!

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  1. I’m 48. My past still jumps out and slaps me on occasion, but I’ve learned to slap back.

    Good luck with the move. It sounds like a positive one.

    Matt was 21 months old the first time we moved with him. At least your little one is still mostly portable and will mostly stay where you leave her.


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