Online, offline, yada yada yada

My blog may be offline over the weekend. So if you read here periodically, you may find that the site comes up as ‘not found’, but it will be found, eventually! I’ve looked back at the last few posts and I know it seems a lot of doom and gloom, or at least pissed-offedness, but I hope that turns around pretty soon. If you’ve thought of me in the last couple of days, the word stress probably hazes your vision in a sea of red tide.

Once we move, I will have a bit more breathing room, hopefully the neighbors will be better, and of course in theory it will do 3 things: lower our rent by about half, get us closer to family, and allow us to save and look for land. So that’s 4 things, not counting that I will be able to drive again which will keep me from feeling so much like a caged animal. It’s not that I LIKE to drive, it’s that I am forced not to here, so it is confining. Tune in for 6 month check up details!

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