6 month checkup

27 5/8 inches tall
17 lbs 12 1/2 oz
16 1/2 inch head circ.

She’s OVER the 97%ile for height, a more conservative 85%ile in weight, and 60%ile for head circ. So she might be tall for her age, but it doesnt give her a big head. Ha ha..

Anyway, she cried for both the doctor and the nurse, hey they poked her, so why not? And of course the shots weren’t that great, but she pulled through better than the last 2 times she’s had shots, so all the better. No need to nurse her through the ouchies even. All in all, not too bad.hpim0713


  1. Can you believe it’s been six months already?

    Isn’t it amazing how fast time goes once you have a small one?

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