Dementor attack

Yes, that’s a Harry Potter reference. I’m re-reading the series in between, well taking care of the baby. Not much else is getting done. The reason why? Well, we’re moving. Why clean when you can clean/purge and pack at the same time? Right now we’re waiting to hear back from one person and have an appointment to go look at another small house we could move into. Several other places are to call us back.

In the meantime, well let’s just say I’m not motivated a whole lot. It’s been a pretty crappy week, I’ve been tired all week and basically resting whenever she does, if I can. Reading and trying to nap. It is restorative to some level, but I think the stress is just beating me up. I know the move is coming and I’ll be forced to basically pack boxes and wait, there’s not much I can do, Matthew will have to get help to move the big furniture, we can’t both move it, who would take care of the baby? Right, either we leave her unattended in the open apartment while we move furniture or try and put her in a sling, or I guess in the carseat in the truck. None of those are very good options. Luckily our moms are willing to help, but he really needs one of his guy friends to help. He did help one guy move some of his stuff the past month or so, and another one is moving very soon, so we’re hoping he can trade their help for his help when they need it and make it work that way. One guy did offer, so hopefully that will turn out to be how it is.

 I’m just ready for this to be all over with. Our rent will be cheaper, yes Matthew will have to drive more, and be away from home more, but that will happen eventually anyway, as our goal is to be out in the boonies, so we all may as well get used to it. His class will be done as of mid-May so then we’ll have a lot more time together in the evenings and on weekends anyway. Hopefully the weather will be nicer as well. This rainy-causes daily headaches thing is driving me nuts. Being tired and headachy with a cranky baby is not a good combo. Especially not when you’re completely stressed out.

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  1. I did a lot of reading around the 5th month too – sat and read while he nursed. Sat and read while he slept…..and I wasn’t getting ready to move either. I was just being plain lazy. I think blaming it on Dementers would have been better.

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