Trendy maternity clothes

Maternity clothes we’ve all seen them, we’ve all been scared by them. They’re expensive, they look like tents, and are manufactured more to hide your body than show off your baby bump. This time last year? It’s ALL I could think about. I found out the Thursday before Easter that I was pregnant. The biggest freak out, besides the health of the baby, was the clothes. I’ve heard of people having only one shirt they could wear during the last month because they could not fit into anything else, and wanted to save their money for diapers.

Finding a dress for my baby showers or church was a nightmare. They were SO expensive and I wound up with a dowdy black dress that hid my bump more than anything. This site, though: has around 30 cute dresses, for anyone’s taste, that show off that little one you worked so hard to create- and they’re all under $30! In fact, I can’t find anything over $30 on the site, and even tshirts at regular department stores cost that much at regular price when I was looking last year. At this site, it’s all in one place, and a great selection. Check them out the next time you’ve got a bun baking in your oven.

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