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Seems like everyone these days is talking about preemies, it’s the March of Dimes campaign, and like all of you (I’m sure) I got a brochure a couple of months ago, my only guess is that I got on the mailing list from the hospital or something associated with it. I waited and thought about it, and donated $5 for each week my baby was early. No, it’s not much. But it’s something. I wish Keeley had stayed in for 3 more weeks. I probably wouldn’t have had broken waters, I wouldn’t have been on pitocin, and although she could have only grown bigger, and I would have still had to have a c-section, well, let’s face it, that and the fact that she had jaundice and was not mature enough to nurse yet took a big toll on me physically, emotionally, and of course on us financially (in case I didn’t mention it, her arriving that early cost us several thousand dollars because we were still on the former employer’s insurance plan). We didnt have time to plan for much of anything. It was a colossal mess, and yet here we are, almost 6 months later, she’s playing with the mirror on the swing we borrowed from Auntie Stacy, slowly ticking back and forth, trying to get her socks off. She squeals happily when we say ‘I love you’ and is at the top of the growth charts (thus far, we think she’s thinning out)..

Just looking around facinates her, and she behaved admirably well during Easter service, finally falling asleep (and even a trumpet 10 feet from her did not wake her up)–but you should have seen our faces when we realized the pastor was going to play along. Panic. I grabbed the pacifier and shoved it in Matt’s hand and moved slightly towards the aisle. He was going to make a run for it if she started bawling. Luckily, she took it laying down, literally, and got through pictures with various grandparents, and holding by aunts and uncles, one church member (no one else asked)¬† and of course the grandparents all passed her around (regular and great, and I dont mean their personalities)–she was quite well behaved and I think my husband got most of the remarks about that. The pastor did ask how I was doing, but I think he was the only one.¬†Keeley really is quiet most of the time, but then again, she’s around me all day, and I’m either talking to her, reading to her, or letting her play quietly in her swing, bouncy seat, or on the floor. When she gets fussy, I lay her in her crib and let her fall asleep. The tv has pretty much been eliminated except when dad comes home, and she doesnt pay much attention to it anymore. She’d rather watch us. All in all, we’re lucky, we felt comfortable enough with flu season coming to a close to let her be held, and then only one person asked, so the next time we’re there, well I guess we will just have to offer her up maybe. People really wanted to hold her when she was still in her ‘preemie’ stage–but we were concerned for her health. She’s so robust now and the doctor we have has not said a thing about her age adjustment since the first time we saw him, so we’re taking that as a sign to live normally again. I’m still using that germ killing stuff after touching the shopping cart at the grocery store though. Yuck!


  1. Having all late babies – I prayed for early. Looking back I realize it was for the better.

    And I know my children have gotten colds from the grocery carts – before school, that would be the only thing they were exposed to.

  2. I’m glad to hear your daughter has done so well. Being even a few weeks early can be a challenge.

    And, oh yeah, grocery carts can be NASTY! I use that germ killer goop, too, when I go out with my grandkids.

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