Mr. Sandman, take away my…dream

fun-mondayToday’s Fun Monday Topic:  Strange Dreams. Do you have any dreams, particularly recurrent ones that you feel no one else has? Or, just tell us about an odd dream you had as a kid.

I have a lot of strange dreams. They are often in color (which supposedly a person can not dream in color, but I do), and involve trying to do something that just seems impossible, even if it’s very mundane. I recently talked to my friend Stacy on the phone and found out that we’d had the same odd, recurrent dream. We’d both had a recurrent dream of TRYING TO DIAL 911!!! We just can’t get it done. I also have many recurring dreams of attempting to find a bathroom, but all of them have open air toilets where you can see everyone else trying to take a pee! And of course, the obligatory dream of trying to do something, but your brain keeps interrupting with details of your life, obviously trying to keep you from doing some ‘wrong’. Mine has a bad habit of reminding me that I’m married when I dream that a guy is hitting on me. Stupid brain.

Once you’ve posted your entry for today, feel free to look around, and be sure to leave a comment. Anyone want to host on April 20th?


  1. Thank you hosting this week’s Fun Monday. You have selected an interesting topic. Somehow dreams that seem plausible (like trying to dial 911) or almost real are the most frightening to me. My post is up too.

  2. Mine is UP…my post talks a bit of a toilet too, but in some more gross way! LOL

    Nice topic…Thanks for hosting.

    If no one volunteers, I can do it.

  3. Have you seen those pictures of the bathrooms on the sidewalk with one way glass? Passersby can’t see in but you can see out (as if there were no walls at all). Very, very weird.

    If you have no other volunteers, I’ll host April 20th.

  4. Oh Jill… I’m so sorry — I got busy with stuff today and forgot all about this.
    I’ll see if I’m I find time tomorrow… as it’s 11:43 and I’m heading to bed to see if I CAN do some dreaming. (I do remember waking up at times in a cold sweat because I dreamed that I was pregnant)

  5. Oh man….I completely forgot about Fun Monday this fine day. And I already posted a very long, yet trying to be FUNny within….Sorry. And what a great category. I’ll go visit y’all anyhooooo.

    Happy Monday Ms. Hostess with the mostest!!!

  6. Reading this has just reminded me I often dream I want the bathroom and I wake up -which is lucky or I might end up with a wet bed LOl.

  7. Thanks for linking me! We made it back tonight, so I am just making my rounds. I also have had the 911 dream twice in the past month! Once was when someone I was driving with accidentally ran over a toddler with an SUV! Yikes! The ambulance never showed and the little girl ended up turning into a cat! Go figure!

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