Pregnancy questions? No problem!

What kind of parenting questions arise while you are pregnant (or thinking of trying to get pregnant)?

Is fertility an issue for me? My husband? How do I know if something is wrong? What symptoms will I have to look forward to freak out about in each trimester? Should I paint the nursery? What if we find out ahead of time if it is a boy or a girl? Are the tests always accurate? Will people freak out if I tell them the names I am considering for my baby girl ? Should I pick on meaning, the sound with my last name, or just what sounds right? What about the popularity of the name? Do I really want my kid to be the ninth Aiden in the class, including girls and boys? Or is there safety in numbers?

For answer to your questions, try this site done by Nickelodeon, which a lot of parents trust for their kids to watch, so why not check out their parenting and pregnancy ideas? The forefront in entertainment for children has a lot of fun things around their site. They have fun post topics like if you had a baby boy tomorrow, what would you name him. Good question, my hubby and I will have to talk about that!

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