Accountability April week 1

Karina is hosting Accountability April- basically everyone blogs about their goals and where they are with them. Since I don’t have many goals, I will use my resolutions from January 1. Let’s see…

To be a better mommy-well I certainly try my best every day, we have switched over to cloth diapers, and the nursing is still going well. These were 2 big issues that I had internal wars over including a lot of crying and thinking life was unfair. I feel like we are reducing waste in the environment (fewer bottles and diapers in the landfill) and leaving a better earth behind, as well as we can. Now that the issues are (mostly) resolved, I can actually take the time to play with my baby, and get those smiles and babbles going!

To be a better wife- you’d have to ask my husband on this one, but he seems happy enough. I’m making more meals now, he has leftovers to take for lunches most of the week, and his priorities have been coming first (work, homework, time with friends) along with Keeley’s.

To forgive it or forget it- Every time I think about something I can’t change or that’s from the past, I just shrug it off as a lesson learned or as people being who they are or were. Why give them any more power than they already have considering I’ve let other people’s opinions factor in my entirety of life up until now?

To get into a state of better health- I have used some hand weights and done some crunches. I do weigh less than when I got pregnant, and I’m trying to drink more milk, juice, and water. Trying to get more veggies and fruits into our meals as well. After all day of taking care of the baby, fixing dinner, doing all the assorted household things, it’s hard to squeeze in time for anything for myself.


  1. Hi Jill! I’ve been meaning to pop on over here all week to tell you thanks for participating, but I’m not being very accountable!!! lol

    Seriously though, I think these are great goals to have, and I have no doubt you’ll be able to accomplish them all! Let me know if I can help with the last one…I’ve gotten pretty good at the health and fitness part of life, and will offer any aid I can!!!

    Also, I’ve put up this week’s Accountability April post (and linked to you as a participant!) come on by! 😉

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