Guess we’re definitely not going to get the land

My husband got an email from the lady that was helping us with the land deal. According to her, the family won’t sell for any less than their last offer-which is about 10 grand above what we can actually afford, and we told them that at least once, we literally cannot be financed for more — Or they could give us a part of it contract for deed at the same time (which means paying out an additional money besides our mortgage every month, and our agent suggested we go ahead and make the investment if our finances can do it– again, what part of we don’t have any more money to leverage every month don’t they get?)

Also, the guy who was ‘so sick’ and had 2 failing kidneys is ‘getting better’ and that the price of the land will probably go up when he is feeling good enough? What? The land goes up because the guy is getting better? To above what it was listed at? Or the same? We don’t know. But doesn’t that seem a bit ridiculous? If he gets sick again will it go back down?

In the meantime I guess we need to find an apartment to rent in the city or a house or something further out of the city and closer to where we want to live. That remains to be seen.

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