Diaper dumps

We got our new diapers. Yeah. We got the new detergent. BOO. It didn’t take the poop out. So we have some severely stained diapers in rotation now. Brand new, and they look like they went through the trenches in a world war. Shouldn’t the ‘pricey planet friendly recommended and oohed and ahhed over by everyone’ detergent work? Note: washed just as usual, and 99% of the time, the other diapers came clean. Not this time. We’re giving it a second go ’round and if we end up with stains again we’re going to try and find the detergent we had before. What good is it if it doesn’t get the diapers clean?

Edit: With another ‘go ’round, most of the trenches diapers started to look a LOT better. My husband also suggested using a small load again, even though it is about 18 diapers and we were using a small load for 13 diapers. So we grabbed the one additional diaper that hadn’t been reused that was still a little stained and are doing another double wash on all of them with small load instead of medium. Maybe it was just a user error. We’ll see.

Further edit: What the heck? The stains all seemed to come out, but even with a double rinse (which I dont normally have to do), the inserts still seemed like they had soap in them. Argh! Is there a happy medium somewhere? I sure dont want her to have leaky diapers, which can happen if there is too much soap residue in there. But I dont want to use THAT much friggin water either. The normal routine was okay. But adding in another 2 rinses maybe each time is ridiculous. We’ll see if they hold and don’t leak and try it again.

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  1. We don’t use disposables, but when Harper was a baby Matt’s mom bought me some super earth friendly baby detergent. After a few weeks I was so frustrated and wondering why her clothing stains weren’t coming out – then I remembered we’d switched detergents! I really don’t know the ins and outs of cloth diapering, but baby ALL detergent works great for our regular laundry. I hope you find something that works – I know babies are totally unharmed by wearing stained clothing but I still prefer to dress my kids in stuff that looks clean – even onesies!

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