What say ye?

Okay wise internets, what say ye? Our offer, having been rejected twice (and strung out for almost a month) has left us with the decision: do we stay in this apartment and pay almost $200 more a month to stay month to month (minimum of 2 months, because we have to give 60 days notice) while they decide not to sell the property, or do we do something else? At this point in time, the closing is only 3 weeks away, and even a ‘fast’ closing is 5 weeks, at least that’s what we have been told.

Option 1: Move to another apartment in the city while we continue to drag Keeley to look at pieces of property.
Option 2: Rent an apartment, house, or condo in a city closer to the area we think we might want to be, allowing Matthew to get used to the drive, and us used to the area, while having shorter draggings of Keeley to look at pieces of property.
Option 3: Sit and wait for them to make up their minds.
Option 4: Do you have any other options our freaked out minds may not have thought of?


  1. It sounds like your current place is kind of ridiculous, so I would probably at least explore the option of renting something in the area you’d like to end up in. I’m no realtor, but I would run far away from the crazy land people!

  2. I go with option 2 as well, although I’d rather go through labor than move.

    The people with the property you’ve put an offer on are out to rip you off.

  3. I also think #2 is a better option. Moving again stinks -but at least it buys you TIME to find what is best for you without being forced into what you don’t really want.

    Just curious – you are looking at land? Not houses? Are you going to put a trailer on it and then build? ’cause that will take time, too….

  4. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    #2, if there is, in fact, anything like that available. I don’t know what kind of apartment possibilities they have in the town that you told me you were thinking of moving to. It’s awfully small, although most places have apartments anymore. If Matt’s going to drive and is okay with that, then why not start the driving now, and save some money? And get you out of that city that you hate.

    Not all realtors are as bad as what you’re dealing with right now. Keep that in mind. HOWEVER, I’d certainly steer clear of them from now on! It’s not really the realtor making those decisions, but the family. It boils down to there being too many stupid people in the world. We should put them all on an island, and then move it, so nobody can find them again.

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